Our Missionaries

Noi (aka Mary or Chanaddah Chaisakorn)

Noi Chaisakorn

Noi (a.k.a. Mary or Chanaddah Chaisakorn) from Thailand Women's Ministry, trains, teaches and disciples Thai women, writes Bible studies, and translates and writes Christian materials in Thai.

Enrique & Susan Medina and Family

Enrique & Susan Medina

The Medinas minister with Ravah Ministries in churches in Mexico, building relationships with the local pastors and families, and reaching out to help with whatever is most needed. Enrique is also involved with training church pastors and leaders in Mexico.

Martín & Erén García, Nacho & Lorena González

Martín & Erén García, Nacho & Lorena González

Pastoring in Tepic and with Huichol Indians in Mexico. Pastors Martín and Nacho, and their wives, teach, disciple, and serve in their local church and in several Huichol villages.

Ben & Aleyamma Joseph

Ben & Aleyamma Joseph

Ben pastors International Bible Church and coordinates events ministering to international students at ASU: hospitality, host-family programs, English classes, one-on-one & group Bible studies.

Tom & Doreen Strohm

Doreen Strohm

Jesus Cares Ministries, Mesa - Doreen Strohm reaches out to people in crisis, offering a home, aftercare, counseling, and basic help for women & men, teaching them practical life skills & accountability, all biblically-based.

Joshua Sauñe

Joshua Sauñe

Joshua Sauñe, Donato , Jaime in Peru. Missionaries among various Quechua, Ashaninkan & Shipibo villages in Peru.

John and Kay West

John & Kay West

John & Kay West, Swaziserve. John and Kay are sharing the love of Christ in AIDS-and drought-devastated southern Africa through biblically-based programs focusing on widows, orphans, and the elderly.